Resident parking permits

Free parking allocation

Newham offers residents various packages of free parking which can all be managed within MiPermit Newham.

To access your free parking allocation you need to select which free parking option you wish to use from the drop-down menu in “Free Parking Allocation”.

Once you’ve selected your session they are ready to use. Simply click on "Manage MiPermits" and activate immediately or on a date of your choice.

Free parking options

Two-hour monthly allocation (resident permit holders only)

If you have a valid MiPermit resident parking permit you will be given a free parking allocation of 2 hours (per household/per month) to park in permit holder or shared use bays in any residential parking zone in the borough.

This allocation allows for additional parking hours– for example when attending community or family events.

Please note: these allocations are available in 15 minutes slots and can be used for a single 2 hour stay or for multiple short stays up to a total of 2 hours within the month. These parking allocations expire each month and cannot be rolled over or saved up.

30 all-day allocation (households without a registered vehicle)

Each Newham household without a registered vehicle at their address is able to access 30 free all-day visitor permits each year which can be used only in the residential parking zone where you live.

Free resident visitor permits are not valid for vehicles which exceed 2.3m in height and/or 5.3m in length. It is solely the responsibility of the resident who is activating the free permit to ensure that the vehicle to which they are allocating a permit does not exceed these dimensions. If any vehicle is found to be in breach of these dimensions the permit which has been allocated will be invalid and subject to cancellation which will mean that the vehicle can be enforced against.

Please note: To qualify, your home must be in a residential parking zone, there are no vehicles registered at your address and you are on the electoral roll or Council Tax register. If at a later date you want to apply for a resident parking permit you must first cancel your free visitor parking permits by calling 0345 520 7007.

When applying for your 30 free visitor permits you will need to provide:

  • a proof of address - Council Tax bill, utility bill or bank statement (dated within the last three months) or
  • a tenancy agreement (dated within the last month) or
  • a mortgage offer letter or completion of sale letter from solicitor.

Residents in car free developments are not eligible for any free parking allocations, however they can purchase visitor parking permits.

Apply for free parking allocations