British Telecom fined £7,000 for safety breaches

6 June 2018 in Environment
​Telecom giants BT has been fined a total of £7,000 for breaching safety rules during works on the streets of Newham, sending a clear message to utilities and contractors that the council will act to protect the safety of residents. ​
​In September 2017, an officer from the council’s highways department discovered a British Telecom Openreach team working in Leytonstone Road/Maryland Point, and also at Windmill Lane, Stratford, E15.

At Maryland Point, BT were found to be in breach of an agreed traffic management plan which called for the use of three way temporary traffic signals allowing pedestrians to cross safely. The crossing outside the station should have been closed and a safe route for pedestrians created. The failure to do this led to a fine of £5,000

In Windmill Lane, workers closed a one way section of the road without authority, which forced vehicles to mount the footway and cycle lane to get past the site. For this BT were fined £2,000.

BT pleaded guilty to both breaches and Newham Council was awarded £3,507 in costs

Councillor Rachel Tripp, cabinet member with responsibility for highways and the environment said: “Newham Council will not tolerate any working which jeopardises the safety of our residents and this prosecution sends out a clear message to any company which wishes to perform work on our roads and footways. 

“We expect all responsible companies to co-operate with us to make sure any works on our roads and footways are carried out with the safety of residents at their heart.”