Liberte, egalite...equalitea

4 July 2018 in Education and Mayor and Young people
Pupils past and present, joined female governors, and staff at Plashet School with new Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz to celebrate 100 years since the first women in Britain won the right to vote, and 90 years since all men and women over 21 won the equal right to vote.
The historic milestones were celebrated with an afternoon of tea and informal discussions about modern political life and how the events of a century ago shaped this country.

Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz, a former old girl of Plashet School in East Ham, was joined at the event by West Ham MP Lyn Brown.

Mayor Fiaz said: “It was like stepping back in time, I left Plashet School in 1986! It was amazing to meet so many young women who are breaking glass ceilings, and just being awesome in their determination to improve their own lives and the lot of women everywhere.”