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New ward boundaries strengthen resident voices

20 June 2019 in Council and democracy
Newham Council is committed to putting residents at the heart of everything it does and giving them a voice. To keep pace with the borough’s growing population, the council put forward a case to increase the total number of councillors from 60 to 66 in 2022.
The Local Government Boundary Commission for England, a parliamentary body which conducts boundary, electoral and structural reviews of local government areas, has agreed that the borough should have 66 councillors in future, up from the current total of 60. This is the first statutory review of Newham’s electoral arrangements since 1998. During these two decades Newham is a borough that has changed and grown hugely.
Ward boundaries will be redrawn from 2022 to ensure each ward has an equal number of voters.
The increased number of ward councillors will mean there are more councillor to represent residents within the council and to champion their views and concerns.
Althea Loderick, chief executive of Newham Council, said: “I welcome the Boundary Commission’s decision to increase the number of councillors within the borough because Newham’s residents deserve additional representation.
“Six new councillors within the borough will ensure our residents are even better represented than they were before.
“Citizens’ Assemblies have been a focus of this administration as it advances its participatory democracy agenda, and ward councillors play an important role in this programme. Additional councillors will only aid their further success.”

Residents can give their views on the way ward boundaries are redrawn through the Boundary Commission consultation, which is open until 12 August.