Video series to explore the impact of housing crisis on Newham residents

23 November 2018 in Council and democracy and Housing and Mayor
The poignant stories of Newham residents who are at the forefront of the housing crisis will be told through a new video series, as part of a joint project between the Mayor of Newham and London’s Deputy Mayor for Housing.
In the first episode of the series Rokhsana Fiaz and James Murray visit the Carpenters Estate in Stratford and speak to some of its residents to listen to their concerns and what can be done to help.
One of Mayor Fiaz’s biggest priorities is housing and she has committed to building at least 1,000 genuinely affordable homes over the next four years, with 100 started in her first year. A Housing Delivery statement for Newham will published soon ahead of the November Cabinet meeting. This will set out in greater how these homes will be delivered.
The council has already accelerated plans to deliver thousands of new homes. Newham recently received the highest grant of any London borough - £107 million – from the Mayor of London through the Building Council Homes for Londoners programme. This will be used will be used to build 1,123 homes to be started by 2022 from a range of existing council owned sites earmarked for regeneration.
Mayor Fiaz said: “I am on a mission to change the paradigm around housing delivery. Housing in London is in crisis and we need to take urgent action. This series will give a voice to the people who are directly affected by the lack of decent, genuinely affordable homes in the capital. To find a solution, we need to listen to those who are most impacted, the families living in overcrowded conditions, elderly people in insecure accommodation and young people facing high rents and a future where owning their home seems increasingly unlikely.
“In this first video, I visited the Carpenters Estate with James Murray and listened to people who lived there. It was really important to tell them that this was not a one-off visit – I want them to play a significant part in any future proposals for the estate. This is the only way we can build better neighbourhoods where people feel they can put down their roots and they have a stake in the wider community.”
James Murray, London’s Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development said: “Giving residents a voice is at the heart of both our and Newham’s work to build new council homes. Tackling the housing crisis is a top priority for us, and we are working closely with Newham to make sure there are more great quality social rented homes, as well as to reduce homelessness and strengthen services for those sleeping rough. It will take time, and we need far more support from national Government, but by working together we are beginning to make a difference by building the council, social rented, and other genuinely affordable homes that Londoners so desperately need.”
Current redevelopment plans for the estate to find a joint venture partner under the previous administration are currently on hold with a decision expected later this year.
Future videos will explore what affordable housing means in London, the impact of regeneration, homelessness and how councils can build more homes.
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