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Essential maintenance this weekend to our housing management system
​Housing rent account balances and some online customer forms will be unavailable via MyNewham on Sunday 18 November between 7 - 10am.

Customers can still make payments, but online account balances will not be updated until Monday 19 November 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.​​​

Schemes of delegation

As a council with a directly elected mayor, the Mayor is responsible for almost all decisions made. There are a few exceptions which by law are the responsibility of other decision makers, such as the full council.
The Mayor decides which tasks she will do and which she will delegate to senior staff (chief officers and deputy chief officers) within the council.
The Mayor’s Scheme of Delegations sets out those tasks that the Mayor does and how she does them. The Officers’ Scheme of Delegations sets out which tasks she has delegated to chief and deputy chief officers.

​Mayor's Scheme of Delegations

The Mayor's Scheme of Delegations lists all the tasks which the Mayor does and how decisions about those tasks will be made.
Decisions are usually taken at meetings of Cabinet or at meetings of Mayoral Proceedings. The Mayor of Newham has not delegated any decision making responsibilities to individual Cabinet members.

Officers’ Scheme of Delegations

The Officers' Scheme of Delegations sets out which chief and deputy chief officers are delegated by the Council to take certain decisions on its behalf. The Officers’ Scheme of Delegations is broken down into seven sections:

Section one – General principles

Section one gives an overview of the Officers' Scheme of Delegations and a set of rules which may help you with reading the Scheme of Delegations.

Section two - Delegations applicable to all directorates

Section two sets out the tasks which are delegated across the council such as human resources (HR) and procurement.

Section three - Proper officer and general statutory functions

Section three sets out which officers are given the powers of 'proper officers' to do particular tasks and have particular responsibilities.

Section four – Service-specific delegations

Section four sets out which tasks have been delegated to which service areas. Section Four should be read with the relevant part of section five:

Section five – Scheme of Officer Authorisations

Section five sets out details of which officer has been given the power to do the service-specific tasks (that are set out in section four) for chief and deputy chief officers:

Section six - Levels of officer and officers approved for financial payment

Section six gives a list of the level of officer allowed to approve payments and the amount they are allowed to approve, in each of our work areas:


Resources and Commercial Development

Strategic Commissioning and Community


Section seven - Write-off Scheme of Delegation and reporting requirements

Section seven sets out which level of officers can write off debts and how they should do it.

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