Council budgets

On this page you can find out how we set our budget and read our spending plans for the current financial year.

Graph on paper with pen and calculator

​Setting the budget

Our budget is set by a meeting of the Full Council in February each year. A budget report is prepared by our officers and sent to the meeting to be approved.
The report sets out:
  • the financial background to the 2017/18 budget
  • how the budget supports the New Deal for res​idents
  • the budget strategy and financial objectives
  • our budget
  • growth and budget pressures (our spending commitments that have been agreed by Full Council)
  • savings plans
  • central Government funding
  • emerging pressures and risks (the pressures and risks which could affect our future spending)
  • the medium term financial strategy for the next three years (we adopt a medium term approach to our budget to allow us to plan ahead over a three-year period)
  • Council Tax setting
  • balances and reserves
  • our capital programme for the next five years
  • the Housing Revenue Account and rent changes.
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