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Council - insurance claims

We have full insurance which covers all the risks that affect the council.
We have insurance with outside insurers and also insure ourselves against risks to schools, property and vehicles.
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When can I make an insurance claim against the council?

You may only make a claim against us if you believe we have been negligent, and:
  • you suffer loss or damage to your possessions due to an incident, or
  • you suffer an injury. 
If you make a claim you must give evidence of why you think we are responsible for your loss or injury.
When we assess claims we look at:
  • the circumstances of the incident
  • whether the council or its employees were negligent.
Accidents can happen for reasons outside our control. Most of the claims we receive do not lead to findings of liability against us or to financial settlements.
If our contractors or public utility companies cause an accident, for which they would be legally responsible, we will send the claim direct to them as they are responsible for their own insurance.

Personal injury claims by external solicitors

If you are an external solicitor, you need to use the Claims Portal if you wish to make a claim for personal injury caused by:
  • a road traffic accident
  • a transport or highway accident
  • an accident at a school in Newham
  • an accident in the workplace (London Borough of Newham employees only).
You will need to register on the portal and look for our insurer for personal injury claims.

For claims from 1 December 2005 to 30 November 2010

Gallagher Bassett
PO Box 42501
E1 1YB
Portal reference number: D00019
Policy number: 21005109

For claims from 1 December 2010 to 30 November 2015

Zurich Municipal
Casualty Claims
Zurich House
PO Box 107
2 Gladiator Way
GU14 6GB
Portal reference number: C00108
Policy number: QLA-01E224-0113

For claims from 1 December 2015

Gallagher Bassett International Limited
113 Houndsditch
Telephone: 020 7208 8500
Portal reference number: D00019
Policy number: Y108405QBE0115A

Claims for highway and footway accidents

We maintain public highways, except trunk roads. Transport for London maintains trunk roads. To log a claim, download the Highway incident form (Word) and send it to us at:

Insurance Team
Newham Dockside
1000 Dockside Road
E16 2QU

You can also email the form to

You will need to give full details of the incident and documents or photographs as evidence of any loss.

We investigate and assess all claims sent to us.

Call us on 020 8430 2000 or email if you need more information.

Transport claims

We run vehicles for a number of services, including cleansing, waste and passenger transport. If one of our vehicles is involved in an incident, which causes loss or damage to your property, tell our Fleet Management Team, based at Folkestone Road Depot on 020 8430 2000. Or you can write direct to the address given.

Claims for housing incidents

Newham Council Housing Services manage council housing stock and all tenant and leasehold services. You can find detailed information in the Housing section of this site.

Tenant claims

If you are a tenant and your possessions are damaged, we are not necessarily responsible for the damage. Your contents insurance would cover this loss. 
If you do not have contents insurance and something happens which causes damage or loss to your property, you may have a claim against the council. But you would have to prove we were directly responsible for the damage.

Fill in the Property incident report form (Word) and send it to the correct department. If we are found to be responsible for loss or damage, we will base any payment to you on the age and condition of the items. This will include a deduction for 'wear and tear'.
We have to put you back to the position you were in before the incident happened. Any payments made to you in settlement will not be on an 'old-for-new' basis, nor will you be allowed to benefit from a claim.

Contents insurance for council tenants

If fire or flood damages your belongings, or if you are burgled or suffer another type of loss, we will not pay to replace your belongings. We suggest you buy contents insurance to protect your possessions.
We can help you with contents insurance, which you can pay for with your rent. The cost of insurance depends upon the level of cover. If you are aged 60 or over, you will get a discount. Cover is on a ‘new for old’ policy. 
For more information, contact the Housing Management Services, Rent Account Section on 020 3373 3251. 

Council leaseholders

If you are a leaseholder you must have third-party liability insurance. This is normally included in contents insurance, and it will protect you if damage occurs to neighbouring property or possessions and someone makes a claim against you for loss.

Leaseholder claims

Aspen Insurance Company provides the buildings insurance for all our leaseholders. We will arrange the insurance for you and charge you in the service charge.
Lucas Associates deals with all claims. It has a 24-hour claims line: 0800 368 22 22. We will send you a copy of the building policy every year in April. You need to keep this policy, as it includes full details of the cover provided and how to make a claim.
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