East Ham Mortuary

If someone dies suddenly, or the cause of death is not clear, then the coroner will be told and the body will be taken to East Ham Mortuary.

East Ham Mortuary services

The East Ham Mortuary has facilities for receiving, examining, storing and releasing bodies where a post-mortem may be needed. A post-mortem is an examination of a body to find the cause of death.
If you know someone who has died and/or if you have questions about:
  • where a body is being stored
  • causes of death
  • viewing of the deceased 
  • the release of a body for a funeral. 
you need to ask Her Majesty's (H.M.) Coroner for the Eastern District of London.
You can contact the coroner at:
H. M. Coroners Eastern District of London.
Queens Road
E17 8QP
Tel: 020 8496 5000
Fax: 020 8496 3378
You can find more information about H.M. Coroners Service on the London Borough of Waltham Forest website.

Opening times

The mortuary is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 1pm.
If you have any queries, phone: 020 8430 2000 or 020 8496 5000.
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