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Food poisoning

If you get food poisoning or become ill after eating food supplied by a shop, restaurant or other food outlet, report it.
We will investigate food poisoning and other illnesses caught from food to stop illness spreading and to try to find the cause.

Report food poisoning or poor food hygiene

We are responsible for making sure that restaurants, and all buildings where food is provided, meet legal standards, whether money is exchanged or not.
You can report cases of food poisoning, or businesses with poor food hygiene, by email or you can phone us on 020 3373 7709.

What happens next

When we get a complaint we will investigate the business that sold you the food. If we then inspect the business, we will make sure that the:
  • food hygiene in the buildings used to store, sell and offer the food meets the standards set by law
  • quality of food also meets these standards
  • food suppliers label their food properly.
If the business does not meet legal standards we can send a letter telling the owner to make specific improvements or in more serious cases we can take legal action.
You can find out more about our inspections on our Food safety inspection page.

Find out more about food poisoning and contamination

For more information on food poisoning and contamination, go to the Food Standards Agency and the NHS websites.
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