Gambling premises licence

If you own or run a premises that is used for betting, gaming and other types of gambling, you need a licence from the council.

The council is the licensing authority.
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Types of gambling licence available from the council

You can get the following types of licence from us: 
  • bingo
  • adult gaming centre
  • family entertainment centre
  • betting (betting shops or track betting).
For more information about types of licence, go to the Gambling Commission website.

Gambling licensing policy

Our gambling licensing policy (PDF) sets out how we will deal with applications for gambling licences.
You can also find copies of the policy at:
  • East Ham Customer Service Centre
  • local libraries
  • the office of the licensing authority:
    • Licensing Team
      First Floor Town Hall Annexe
      330–354 Barking Road
      East Ham
      E6 2RT
    If you have any queries, call the Licensing Team on 020 8430 2000 or email

    Applying for a gambling licence

    You can only apply for a gambling premises licence if you are a person or an organisation which holds, or has applied to the Gambling Commission for, an operators licence.
    To apply, download an application form and send it to us at the above address with the premises plans and the application fee.
    There are strict rules about how to apply for a licence. If you don’t follow these rules, the application could be invalid. You can find the rules on the Government’s Legislation website.
    You must give notice of your application to the responsible authorities.

    Gambling premises licence fees

    There are set licence fees for different gambling premises. You can see these fees on the Gambling premises licence fees page.
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