Health and Wellbeing Board

The Health and Wellbeing Board was set up to make sure that residents and patients get better and more joined up health and social care services from the NHS and Newham Council.

Board members work together to understand what local people need and to encourage more integrated commissioning of health and care services.

It brings together Newham council, NHS bodies and other organisations which provide health care in Newham​.​​

A medical pratitioner taking a patient's pulse and blood pressure


Our work includes:
  • setting up arrangements for joint commissioning and pooled budgets when they are appropriate
  • preparing the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Newham and look at how joint working such as pooled budgets can help to develop the strategy
  • make recommendations to Newham Council and Newham Clinical Commissioning Group based on the JSNA
  • make recommendations for the commissioning strategy plans – including developing joint commissioning – for local NHS services, health improvement and social care
  • agree results and performance targets for monitoring
  • promote integrated working between health and social care commissioners and joint working with commissioners of services which have an impact on the health of Newham’s residents.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

We work with the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group to prepare the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. The document sets out the health and wellbeing needs of Newham residents now and in the future, based on a number of factors including:
  • population
  • use of health and social care services
  • patterns of illness and poor health
  • factors that affect health, including housing, poverty, employment and the environment.

Children and young people mental health services

Our Newham Future in Mind Transformation Plan 2015-2020 (PDF) shows how the Health and Wellbeing Board plans to improve children and young people’s mental health services in Newham using new and existing funding.

This 2018/19 version of the local transformation plan (LTP) has been reviewed and approved through governance structures within London Borough of Newham and Newham clinical commissioning group (CCG). It was submitted to NHS England on 1 February 2019 for evaluation against their key lines of enquiries. We anticipate the final version being discussed by Newham’s Health and Wellbeing Board on 27 March 2019.



​Organisation Representative​
London Borough of Newham​ Cllr Clive Furness, Cllr Quentin Peppiatt, Cllr Frances Clarke
London Borough of Newham​ Kim Bromley-Derry ​ - Chief Executive, Meradin Peachey - Director of Public Health
London Borough of Newham​ James Thomas - Director of Commissioning (Children's Services), Grainne Siggins - Director of Commissioning (Adults)​
Health and Wellbeing Strategic Reference Group
Marie Gabriel - chair of the group
Newham Clinical Commissioning Group Elizabeth Goodyear, Steve Gilvin, Satbinder Sanghera and Dr Prakash Chandra (co-chair)
Health Watch Michael Rich
NHS Commissioning Board​ John Atherton
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