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Housing Benefit overpayments

Overpayments occur when we pay you more housing benefit than you are entitled to. On this page you can find out how we recover Housing Benefit overpayments.

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​How do Housing Benefit overpayments occur?

​Overpayments usually occur when you do not tell us about a change in your circumstances which will affect your entitlement to Council tax support or Housing Benefit.

These can include: 

  • an increase in income
  • another person moving into your household
  • a change to or award of Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit.
  • given us incorrect information
  • not told us information we need to know to work out your benefit

Or if we have:

  • been slow to deal with something you told us about
  • made a mistake.

Recovering Housing Benefit overpayments

Council tax Reduction – Council tax support overpayments are debited
directly from your council tax account.  This means the amount you
have to pay will increase.  An amended bill will be sent out informing
you how much to pay.
Housing benefit – Housing benefit overpayments will be recovered 
  •  Ongoing entitlement which means you will have to make up the
    Shortfall in rent to your landlord.
  • Recovered directly from your landlord which means you could
    possible end up in arrears on the rent account or statement.
  • An invoice can be sent and an arrangement can be made
  • In certain circumstances we can take money directly from
    your wages.


If we send you an invoice for the overpayment you can make payments:
  • online - using 'My Newham'
  • by phone – telephone 020 8430 2000 using a debit or
    credit card
  • at your local post office or any outlet that accepts Allpay or
    PayPoint payments, using the barcode on the front of your
  • standing order - complete the standing order form and send or take it to your bank. 

If you have problems making payments please contact our Overpayment Team on 0208 430 6193 or 0208 430 6196 Monday to Friday 9am to 5am.
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