Lottery licence

If you want to run a small society lottery, you need to register with the council.

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​What is a small society lottery?

To be a small lottery, the money made from one lottery must not be more than £20,000 or the total income from all the lotteries run by the organisation must not be more than £250,000 in a calendar year. If you plan to go above these amounts, you will then be a large lottery and the Gambling Commission will have to license you. 

Rules for registration as a small society lottery

You can only run a small lottery if your organisation is non-commercial. An organisation is non-commercial if it is set up and run for one or more of the following reasons:
  • for charitable purposes
  • to allow people to take part in, or support, sport, athletics or a cultural activity
  • for any other non-profit making purpose as long as it’s not for private gain.
 We may ask you for proof.

Registering as a small society lottery for the first time

If you wish to register, fill in the application form and send it to us at:

Licensing Team
1st Floor Town Hall Annexe
330–354 Barking Road
East Ham
E6 2RT
There is a fee of £40 to register. If we agree to register you, there is also an annual fee of £20, which you must pay if you wish to stay registered. 
Read the notes on small lotteries before you fill in the application. 
There is a returns form for small lotteries, which you must fill in and return to us to tell us about the money you take from each lottery.
If you are registered already, you must remember to pay your annual fee to keep your registration up to date.
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