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Plans for building more council homes in Newham

On this page you can find out what we are doing to increase the number of affordable homes to rent or buy in the borough.​​​​​​​​​

Come to our new homes consultation events on 26 or 27 February

We are building all over Newham and have a target of 1,056 council homes by 2022.

As part of the second phase of our Small Sites Programme we would like to develop the site which was formerly occupied by the Upton Centre on Plashet Road in East Ham. Our proposals include new council-owned homes and a nursery school.

Residents, local businesses and other members of the community are invited to attend either of the two public exhibitions which we are holding at the Jeyes Community Centre,1 James Close, E13 9BB on the following days: 4pm-8pm on Wednesday 26 February and 4pm-8pm on Thursday 27 February.

For more about the proposals, visit our Plashet Road website​



New homes consultation

We would like to build some much needed new Council homes in Canning Town, Forest Gate, Little Ilford, Manor Park and Stratford.

We are doing vital work to tackle the borough’s housing crisis. With support from the Greater London Authority’s first ever programme dedicated to new council housing, ‘Building Homes for Londoners’, we will build over 1,000 new council homes by 2022, all of which will be at social rent levels.

The first four Council-owned sites we want to start building on are:
  • Bramall Close, Forest Gate, E15 1RR  
  • Chargeable Lane, Canning Town, E13 8DF
  • David Street, Stratford, E15 1PP
  • Idmiston Road, Forest Gate, E15 1RP
The second four Council-owned sites we want to start building on are: 
  • Anne Street, Canning Town, E13 8BY
  • Forest View Road, Manor Park, E12 5HT
  • Landseer Avenue, Little Ilford, E12 6JD
  • Malmesbury Terrace, Canning Town, E16 4PL

Construction impact

Throughout the building work neighbours should be inconvenienced as little as possible. The contractors will be members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which requires them to:
  • give utmost consideration to their impact on neighbours and the public
  • inform, respect and show courtesy to those affected by the work
  • minimise the impact of deliveries, parking and work on the public highway.
Each site will have a resident liaison officer, who will keep neighbours informed of progress and help them with any issues that may arise.

Traffic impact

Except for two of the sites we will not be providing any parking spaces for our new residents and they will not be eligible for parking permits.

This is so that traffic levels will not increase noticeably and the new homes meet better environmental standards.

However, Bramall Close will have two parking spaces for its two wheelchair homes and David Street will have four parking spaces for its four wheelchair homes.

Design standards

We have asked Newground Architects to design these homes to meet national and London-wide housing design requirements, as well as the Council’s own ambitious Housing Design Standards.

Newground has therefore designed:
  • comfortable, practical and good looking homes
  • a large number of family homes with three or more bedrooms
  • accessible homes, adaptable for older people and disabilities
  • spacious and well-proportioned rooms
  • separate eat-in kitchens and living rooms, where appropriate
  • large windows
  • rooms that can be furnished in a variety of different ways
  • patios and balconies for all homes.
The homes will:
  • replace redundant spaces where anti social behaviour can take place
  • respect the light, views and privacy of neighbouring homes
  • overlook the street, to improve security and to reduce crime
  • enhance their streets and existing pedestrian paths.
Our low energy design approach will:

  • design highly insulated homes, carefully constructed to reduce drafts and not to overheat.
  • hold builders to higher standards through strict energy use targets.
  • incorporate renewable energy wherever possible.
  • support residents to look after their new home through training.
  • aim for high building standards - going beyond minimum requirements.

For all enquiries, please contact Warren Myles, Development Manager,​

Current housing supply in Newham

​Types of home Number of homes​
Newham Council homes to rent ​ 17,015​
Housing association homes to rent​ 16,848​
Owner occupied ​ 34,771​
Privately rented​ 40,569​

Future housing in Newham

We are planning for 40,000 more homes in the borough between 2011 and 2027. We will build some of these, housing associations and private developers will also build homes to rent or buy.
Our planning policy states that:
  • 39 per cent of those new homes will have three or more bedrooms
  • between 35 per cent and 50 per cent of all housing developments of ten or more homes will have to be affordable housing.
Find out more about our planning policy and our Local Plan.

More council homes

We have a £6.6 million grant from the Greater London Authority (GLA) to buy and develop 220 homes for rent between 2011 and 2015. We will let these homes at either traditional social rent or affordable rent. 196 of these homes will be three-bedroom family homes.
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