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Our research

Research is important as it helps us to:
  • understand what residents think and want on a range of issues
  • make better decisions for our residents
  • provide the best services possible
  • develop policies to improve the lives of residents
  • evaluate policies and services to make sure they are performing.
This page gives an overview of the key pieces of research we have carried out. Each study is available to download. ​​

Early Years


To help us prepare for the 30 Hours Childcare Offer we commissioned research agency Ceeda to undertake some research with nurseries and childminders in Newham.

Best Start in Life

The Best Start in Life Guarantee is the Mayor's commitment yo provide a free, universal and local offer to families with children aged 0 - 4 in Newham. We conducted a review of the first year of the Best Start in Life programme to assess whether there was adequate, accessible provision to meet the Best Start in Life Guarantee.

Best Start in Life: Evidence Review​ (PDF)Best Start in Life Review​ (PDF)

Newham Household Panel Survey (NHPS)

We carry out the Newham Household Panel Survey (NHPS) every two years. It is the only panel survey of its type in the country. NHPS helps us to understand our residents, their household circumstances, the issues they face and what they think about the services we offer.
Understanding Newham 2013: Newham Household Panel Survey Wave 7 (PDF)Understanding Newham 2015: Newham Household Panel Survey Wave 8 (PDF)​

Newham Budget Consultation

Between August and October 2015 we asked residents to give their views on the services that matter most to them during our Budget Challenge consultation.

We ran a face to face survey with representative sample of Newham's population and gave all local residents and stakeholders the chance to tell us their views during an open consultation. We have produced two reports of our findings.


Community resilience

This research by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and The Campaign Company was commissioned to help us understand the social networks and values of residents in Newham. 

We wanted to explore how the networks and values of our residents affect their lives, decisions and opportunities.
Community resilience in Newham (PDF)

Facing Debt: Economic resilience

This research explores the relationship between financial planning and skills, credit and debt and the impact of welfare reforms on Newham’s residents.

The research was conducted by the London School of Economic and highlights the struggle that both working and non-working households experience.

We are using it to develop MoneyWorks, an affordable and ethical alternative to high cost payday lenders. Facing debt: Economic resilience in Newham (PDF)

Workplace sustainability I and II

Workplace is Newham’s employment service, that has been running since 2007 and has helped 22,500 residents into employment. 

We first commissioned research in 2012 to look at how long people stayed in employment found through Workplace and the factors that affected this.

We repeated this research in 2013.
Workplace sustainability I (PDF)

Newham Reading Guarantee

The Newham Reading Guarantee supports schools to make better use of phonics for five to seven year olds to improve their reading. We commissioned Staffordshire University to evaluate the early impact of giving children one to one support. Rounds one and two of this research are now available. 

Minimum wage

We commissioned research from Ipsos Mori to understand how employees paid below the national minimum wage are living. We looked at how people got into working in the informal economy and how this has affected their lives. 

This research is being used to call for greater enforcement powers for local authorities so we can better protect our residents.
Non-compliance with the national minimum wage in Newham (PDF)
Ipsos Mori have also looked in detail at the amount of money our residents are missing out on, and the sectors where underpayment is most common. This research was commissioned following evidence from the 2013 Newham Household Panel Survey that almost a fifth of our residents were not being paid the National Minimum Wage.
Calculating underpayment of the Minimum Wage in Newham (PDF)
This research has fed into a report Pay by the rules: Local Enforcement of the National Minimum Wage (PDF) which was published in partnership with GMB trade union.


Life Changing Fund

In 2013 Newham Council set up the Life Changing Fund with the aim of building personal and economic resilience for residents. Residents were able to apply for funding to help change their lives.

We carried out research to evaluate the processes of setting up and running the fund. The LCF will become part of the new MoneyWorks service that we are currently developing.
The Life Changing Fund Process Evaluation (PDF)

Economic, social and personal outcomes of vocational qualifications

We commissioned research from BMG and the Institute of Employment Studies to find out how young people between the ages of 22 and 25 had benefitted from taking vocational qualifications in Newham.

The research looked at their employment prospects and earnings compared with young people who went straight into employment. It is helping us to develop a new skills offer for Newham.
Economic, social and personal outcomes of vocational qualifications (PDF)

Newham’s education and training 16-19: understanding Newham’s vocational needs

This research helped us to understand young people’s choices and employability in Newham. It looked at our education service and whether it meets the needs of local employers and young people.

It helped us to commission education and training for 16-19 year olds in Newham. Newham’s educational and training 16-19: understanding Newham’s vocational needs (PDF)

Understanding worklessness in Newham

We commissioned the Institute of Employment Studies to do a study of worklessness in the borough.

The research looked at existing written work on worklessness and analysed data to explore the characteristics of workless residents within the borough.

They also gathered evidence to show what is blocking workless residents from finding employment.
Understanding worklessness in Newham (PDF)

Mayhew population reports 2007 and 2011

Using data drawn from a wide range of services such as the General Practice Register, Council Tax and Electoral Roll, Mayhew Harpers Associates Ltd have published two reports that look at the population of Newham in 2007 and 2011. 

We used these reports to campaign the Office of National Statistics to correct their population figures for Newham.Counting the confirmed and unconfirmed population (PDF)Population growth and change 2007 to 2011 (PDF)

Best practice in preventing violent extremism and understanding the cause of violent extremism

We commissioned the Office for Public Management to look at:
  • what is being done in Newham to prevent violent extremism
  • understand the risk factors of violent extremism
  • what is being in other areas to deal with violent extremism.    
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