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Pest control

Pests can spread diseases, spoil food, damage property and harm businesses. 

London Borough of Newham Pest Control Service is now provided by London Network for Pest Solutions - a company wholly owned by the Council.​​

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Report a pest problem

If you live in a private property there is a charge for our service. Make sure you check our list of charges before you fill in the form.

You can also call 020 8430 4133 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or email

If you don’t know what type of pest is causing the problem, we can help. Please call our office on 020 8430 4133 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) to arrange for a qualified Pest Control Officer to attend and identify the pest problem you are experiencing. Once properly identified we can then suggest a course of treatment and cost if any for eradication.

Our pest control service​

We treat:
  • rats
  • mice
  • cockroaches
  • bedbugs
  • fleas
  • wasps
  • pharaoh ants
  • garden ants
  • other insect pests
  • pigeons.


If you have rats in your home, we will treat the problem quickly and for free. You can book an appointment for the next working day.


Pest control for Newham council housing tenants

If you are a council housing tenant in Newham, we will treat mice and most insect pests as part of your service-level agreement. Contact us for an appointment.


Pest control in private property

If you live in a private property there is a charge for the service.
We only accept debit or credit card payments which we will take when you make a booking.


Type of pest​ ​No. of visits ​Charges from (excluding VAT)


Unlimited Free​​ - if within the borough of Newham



Unlimited £165​


Unlimited £165

Tropical ants*

Unlimited £165
​Textile pests and stored product insects ​Unlimited ​​£165


Unlimited £210
​Flies ​Unlimited ​£165


Unlimited ​£165


Unlimited £50

Garden ants​

Unlimited £50
​Foxes - ​£675


-​ Free survey and quote

Other pests​

-​ Phone for more information
* If you have two or more types of these pests which need treatment at the same time, the charge for each extra pest is £48.

Unlimited visits

We will continue to visit your property until the pest problem is under control, as long as you have followed through all our hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations.

After three months of being pest free, any new report of pest activity will be seen as a re-infestation and you must pay the full charge for treatment.


Pest control for landlords

We offer a reliable and cost-effective service. We will:  
  • answer your enquiry quickly
  • arrange treatment which works
  • give written reports on the work done 
  • advise you and quote for work to seal points where pests may enter
  • give you specialist advice and treatment for blocks of flats.
Contact us for a quote. We also offer free surveys and quotes for annual contracts for a number of properties or for blocks of flats.

Pest control for businesses

We offer services to businesses. If you own a business, or you are responsible for pest control where you work, we will:
  • answer your enquiry quickly
  • inspect your property and suggest the right contract at a competitive price
  • report on the work we do and recommend improvements to keep pests away
  • advise you and quote for other work such as sealing points where pests may enter.

Pest Control Service standards

We aim to:
  • reply to you by 12 noon the next working day if you ring us out of office hours and leave a message
  • offer you an appointment for a first visit within five working days, except in the case of bedbugs, where you will need at least seven days to prepare your property for treatment
  • book you an appointment to treat rats on the next working day (if you wish)
  • advise you on all pest problems when you first contact us
  • identify pests that we collect from you within five working days.
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