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Primary authority

If your business operates in more than one council area, you could benefit from partnering with one council for all your advice and regulation regardless of where your outlets are based. This is known as a primary authority partnership.​​​​​

​What is a primary authority partnership?

A primary authority partnership is a legally recognised partnership for advice and regulation between a business, including charities and franchises, and a single council. The primary authority (council) may inspect outlets throughout England and Wales.

Primary authorities play a valuable role in leading and shaping the regulation of businesses that partner with them. In doing so, they deliver benefits for:
  • the regulatory system as a whole
  • the businesses they partner with
  • those that the regulations are designed to protect – consumers, workers and the environment.
A business may have a direct partnership with its primary authority, or may be one of a group of businesses that has their partnerships co-ordinated by a third party, such as a trade association or franchisor.

You can choose what level of support you need from your primary authority.
Advice on primary authority from the Regulatory Delivery (formerly the Better Regulation Delivery Office)

Who can have primary authority?

If your business, charity or organisation is regulated by two or more local authorities for any of these areas of your work:
  • food safety and hygiene
  • food standards
  • health and safety
  • trading standards
  • environmental health
  • licensing (not including alcohol, gambling or fire safety)
then you can choose to have all your business regulated by Newham for a competitive fee.

Benefits of primary authority

If you choose to set up a primary authority partnership with us you will:
  • reduce the administrative burdens of regulation
  • reduce the costs of trying to comply with different councils’ interpretations of the law, and so make sure that there is consistency across your business 
  • know that the regulatory advice you receive is legally binding on other local authorities
  • have a national inspection plan which other local authorities must follow if they enter any of your premises.
A national inspection plan improves the effectiveness of inspections, because the inspections will target priority areas, focus on proactive visits and avoid repeated checks.

Current Newham primary authority partnerships

We currently have partnerships with:
  • Accor Food UK Business and Leisure Hotels Ltd - food safety and hygiene, food standards, health and safety
  • Amazon UK Services Ltd - food safety and hygiene and food standards
  • Arena Leisure Catering Ltd - food safety and hygiene
  • Coral Racing Ltd - health and safety, environmental protection, under age sales, food safety and hygiene and food standards.
  • East Thames Group - health and safety
  • European Tyre Enterprise Ltd (Kwik Fit, Stapletons) - health and safety
  • Shiva Hotels - food safety and hygiene, health and safety, under age sales
  • Watling Tyre Service Ltd - health and safety
  • Universal Tyre and Autocentres - health and safety.

Enquire about forming a primary authority partnership

If you are interested in forming a Primary Authority partnership with Newham Council for your business, or just want to find out more:
Health and Safety Enforcement
London Borough of Newham
Grassroots Community Resource Centre 
Memorial Avenue
London E15 3DB
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