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Renting a garage

Need a place to park or some storage space? Find out how you can rent one of our garages in Newham and outside the borough.
A row of garages

Cost of renting a council garage

The weekly charge for renting a garage is:

  • £13.99 for council tenants and leaseholders
  • £16.75 for other applicants.

This includes an environmental charge.


What you can use a garage for

You can use a garage to park your vehicle or store your belongings.

However you must not:
  • store flammable materials, gas cylinders, chemicals or perishable items
  • set up a source of ignition or a gas or electricity supply.


Apply for a council garage

Before you start

You should apply for as many garage sites as possible to to cut the time you have to wait for a garage to become available.

Choose from our list of garages (PDF) which also includes the station that is in walking distance from each garage.



What happens next

Once we have processed your application and found a garage in a suitable area, we will ask you to come to the office to sign for the garage.
You will need to bring your:
  • driving licence
  • vehicle registration certificate (log book)
  • passport or birth certificate
  • rent card (if you are a Newham Council tenant)
  • proof of address such as an electricity, gas, water or phone bill or a bank statement from the last three months
  • bank details so that we can set up a direct debit or standing order for rent payments.
We will photocopy your documents and return them to you at the meeting.
If you are a council tenant, we will check if there any rent arrears on your account. You will not be able to rent a garage if you owe us rent or any other money, such as Council Tax.
Rent for garages has to be paid by an automated method such as a direct debit or standing order.

If you don't pay your rent

We will repossess your garage if you do not pay the rent.
If you are a council tenant and get behind with your rent for your home, we may end your garage agreement, even if you do not owe rent for the garage.

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