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Licence for scaffolds and hoarding

You need permission and a licence from the council to put up scaffolds or hoarding on the street in Newham.

How to apply for a licence and permission

Download and complete the licence and permission forms and return them to:
Network Management and Street Works Team 
Newham Dockside
1000 Dockside Road
E16 2QU
You can also email for the forms or call us on 020 3373 1463.
We will give you a licence if you meet the conditions in the application, and if we receive payment and evidence of your public liability insurance.
We do not give quotations for the tendering of works via email or telephone.  A completed application form and drawings for your site is required. Should a site visit be required by our officer there will be a charge of £75.00.
You must not place a scaffold or other structure on the street without the council’s permission. If you do you may get a fixed penalty fine of up to £150, or you could be prosecuted.

Fees for a licence for scaffolds and hoarding

The fee for a licence depends on how big and long the structure is and how long it will be on the street.
Depending on where you want to put your structure, we might need to come to inspect the site. We will let you know and you can make an appointment.
You will have to pay a deposit to cover any damage which might be caused to the street surface from the work or from the scaffold or hoarding. We will return the deposit in full if there is no damage.
Email or call us on 020 3373 1463 for full details about fees. 
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