Be aware: Rogue builders

Be aware: Rogue builders

Unfortunately rogue builders can target the elderly in the borough.

They may do leaflet drops to get interest and then ‘befriend’ interested customers before convincing them to hand over large amounts of cash.

Following the storms this winter, rogue builders may claim there is damage to property and exaggerate the true cost of repairs.  

Spotting a rogue builder 

We would ask everyone to look out for each other, especially older neighbours.  

  • Do not give access to your property to cold callers.
  • Be alert if elderly neighbours are suddenly having a lot of work done to their property.  
  • If you are suspicious, try to check up on the company – have they left paperwork with the home owner, do they have a company name displayed on vehicles visiting the property? 
  • Have you noticed tradesmen giving your neighbour lifts in a vehicle? 
  • Have you actually seen any work going on? 

If you have any concerns, or think you or a neighbour may have been a victim of a rogue builder, contact Newham Trading standards at