Benefits and Income Maximisation

There are a wide variety of benefits designed for people both in and out of work. You may even be entitled to help you don’t know about.

If you are having trouble accessing benefits you think you are entitled to Our Newham Money can help find out whether you should be receiving them. If you are struggling and believe you need money immediately, then please speak to one of our expert advisers.

For more information on how benefit entitlements are calculated and what you can claim you can go to entitled to.

Benefits and income maximisation

If you feel you should be getting more money through your benefits or if you have never looked into what you could be entitled to you can join one of our outreach events and let an expert look over your details.

Even if you are in work, you may still be entitled to benefits to help you pay your bills.

If you have recently seen the amount you get in benefits fall, you may be able to change this. If you do see a drop in your income for any reason, it becomes even more important that you manage your money well.

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