Council insurance claims

Council insurance claims

We have full insurance which covers all the risks that affect the council. We have insurance with outside insurers and also insure ourselves against risks to schools, property and vehicles. So in the event that you might need to make a claim against us, if we are at fault, it will be covered.  

You may only make a claim against us if you believe we have been negligent, and: 

  • You suffer loss or damage to your possessions due to an incident, or 
  • You suffer an injury.  

If you make a claim you must give evidence of why you think we are responsible for your loss or injury. 

When we assess claims we look at: 

  • The circumstances of the incident 
  • Whether the council or its employees were negligent 

Accidents can happen for reasons outside our control. Most of the claims we receive do not lead to findings of liability against us or to financial settlements. If our contractors or public utility companies cause an accident, for which they would be legally responsible, we will send the claim direct to them as they are responsible for their own insurance. 

Personal injury claims by external solicitors 

If you are an external solicitor, you will need to use the Claims Portal if you wish to make a claim for personal injury caused by any of the following: 

  • A road traffic accident 
  • A transport or highway accident 
  • An accident at a school in Newham 
  • An accident in the workplace (London Borough of Newham employees only). 

You will need to register on the portal and look for our insurer for personal injury claims. 

Date of claims 

Cover provided by 

Policy details 

For claims from 1 December 2005 to 30 November 2010 

Gallagher Bassett 
PO Box 42501 
E1 1YB 


Portal reference number: D00019 
Policy number: 21005109 


For claims from 1 December 2010 to 30 November 2015 


Zurich Municipal 
Casualty Claims 
Zurich House 
PO Box 107 
2 Gladiator Way 
GU14 6GB 


Portal reference number: C00108 
Policy number: QLA-01E224-0113 


For claims from 1 December 2015 


Gallagher Bassett International Limited 

113 Houndsditch 
Telephone: 020 7208 8500 


Portal reference number: D00019 
Policy number: Y108405QBE0115A