Overpayments: Benefits

Overpayments: Benefits

If you have been overpaid any type of benefit, it’s likely you will have to pay it back. Don’t worry, this will be done in instalments that are affordable to you.  

Most overpayments are made because: 

  • Either, incorrect information was given at the time of the claim; or 
  • You didn’t update the benefits office if your circumstances changed. 

Find out about overpayments and how they will need to be paid back. 

Overpayments: Benefits 

If you have been paid too much benefit, it is likely that the council or Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will expect you to pay it back. They will write to you about the overpayment and what happens next. 

What can I do if I disagree? 

If you disagree with anything, you can ask for it to be explained or the decision to be reconsidered. If you still disagree, you can appeal. 

Get more information on what to do if you disagree with a council or DWP decision on the gov.uk website