Translating and interpreting services

Support for residents

On this page you can find out how to use our interpreting, translation and British Sign Language interpreting services. Our services are available to all public sector organisations and Newham residents. 

If you need an interpreter or your documents translated to use a council service, you should contact the manager of the service you wish to use. He or she will make arrangements to help you. 

You may also ask someone to speak to the service manager on your behalf.  

You can telephone us on 020 3373 4000 or email to find out who the service manager is. 

Become an interpreter 

We are always looking for new interpreters and we try to recruit them from the local community.  

If you would like to register with us as an interpreter and/or translator, you should create an account and fill in our application form. 

Register to become an interpreter on the Language Shop website 

If you work for a public sector organisation 

If you work for a public sector organisation, (such as NHS, councils or voluntary organisations), you can use The Language Shop for a wide range of services, including face-to-face spoken language interpreting, telephone interpreting, written translation, British Sign Language interpreting and Braille.