Burials and fees

At West Ham Cemetery we offer a choice of grave location, a dedicated children’s area and a reserved Muslim area. 

Burial fees 

The following fees are for Newham residents.   


Burial of an adult in a new grave for 50 years

Burial of an adult in a re-opened grave

Burial of an adult in a new grave for 25 years (Newham residents – one interment only)

Grave reservation

From £1307



Interment (burial)

From £2847







The plot for 25 year burial does not include Muslim burials. 

ShapeOther charges  

  • Transfer of rights of burials - £65 
  • Burial of cremated remains (loose) - £140
  • Burial of cremated remains (casket) - £230 
  • Grave Planting - From £75 
  • Garden of remembrance – 20 year reservation - £1020 
  • Communal rose garden - £105 
  • Ash grave - £1020 

Children’s area 

We offer a designated section for the burial of children at West Ham Cemetery. 

This newly renovated area offers a peaceful space away from the rest of the graves where families are able to leave commemorative items such as cuddly toys and cards. These items will not be removed by cemetery staff. 

Muslim burials 

We offer a Muslim burial area in consecrated land at West Ham Cemetery. 
Burials are usually carried out within 24 hours of booking, however we can usually arrange a same day burial if you contact us before 12pm.