Licence fee

Personal licences

The application fee for a personal licence is £37.

Premises licences, club premises certificates and changing existing licences

If you apply for a premises licence for regulated entertainment only, we may not charge you if you make the application for:

  • Some schools or colleges
  • A church, village or community hall or other similar building.

If you want to apply and you think your organisation is one of the above, contact us before you apply.

1. We will give each premises needing a licence a fee band, according to its rateable value.

​Rateable value


No rateable value to £4,300​


£4,301 to £33,000​


£33,001 to £87,000​


£87,001 to £125,000​


£125,001 and above​


2. Each band has its own fee.













* We will use the following multiplier for premises in bands D and E, where they are used solely or mainly to sell alcohol. 

Band D (x2)​

​Band E (x3)




3. For premises that can hold 5,000 or more people, you might have to pay an extra fee (see the table below). Note that this fee is extra to the fees above. If your premises can hold more than 5000 people, and you are not sure if you need to pay the extra fee, contact us.

Number in attendance at

any one time​

Additional fee​

5,000 to 9,999​


10,000 to 14,999​


15,000 to 19,999​


20,000 to 29,999​


30,000 to 39,999​


40,000 to 49,999​


50,000 to 59,999​


60,000 to 69,999​


70,000 to 79,999​


80,000 to 89,999​


90,000 and over​


Annual fees for renewal of premises licence and club premises certificate

Temporary events and other fees

Type of licence​


Theft, loss and so on of premises licence or summary (section 25)​


Application for a provisional statement where premises being built and so on (section 29)​


Notification of change of name or address (section 33)​


Application to vary licence to specify individual as premises supervisor (section 37)​


Application for transfer of premises licence (section 37)​


Interim authority notice following death of licence holder (section 47)​


Theft, loss and so on of certificate or summary (section 79)​


Notification of change of name or alteration of rules of club (section 82)​


Change of relevant registered address of club (section 83(1) or (2))​


Temporary event notice (section 100)​


Theft, loss and so on of temporary event notice (section 110)​


Theft, loss and so on of personal licence (section 126)​


Duty to notify change of name or address (section 127)​


Right of freeholder and so on to be told of licensing matters (section 178)​


(Sections refer to sections of the Licensing Act 2003.)