Massage and special treatment licence

Licence fees

All therapists working/operating in Newham must be registered.

The current licence fees for 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021:

  • £672 for massage treatments (new and renewal)
  • £1076 for laser treatments (new and renewal)
  • £483 (new) and £404 (renewal) for all other treatments
  • £194 for shows and events (new and renewal).

The fee for each therapist registration is £52 (new) and £42 (renewal).

If you carry out more than one treatment, you pay a combination of the fees.

We may also charge a fee for making additions or changes to your licence known as a variation fee, which is £37.

Fees List - Special Treatment Licence (PDF)​ 


You can pay by:

Sending a cheque with your application, to:

Massage and Special Treatments Team
Grassroots Community Resource Centre
Memorial Avenue
E15 3DB

Credit or debit card in person, when you bring in your application form and documents

Calling 020 8430 2000 from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, you’ll need a valid credit or debit card.​