Street trading licence

Fees for a street trading licence

The charge for an application is £75.

If you get a licence, there is also a fee for every week that the licence runs:

  • Local traders (small traders based in Newham) - £25 per week
  • National traders - £36 per week

So, if you are a local trader and want to set up a stall, for example, the total cost of a licence for four weeks would be £75 + (£25 x 4) = £175. And the cost of a licence for six months (26 weeks) would be £75 + (£25 x 26) = £725.

If you are a national trader, a four week licence would be £75 + (£36 x 4) = £219 and a six month licence (26 weeks) would be £75 + (£36 x 26) = £1,011.

Alternatively, if you want to give out advertising, there is a charge for every two distributors in the same street. So if you have three or four distributors in the same street the charge will be will be:

  • £25 x 2 = £50 for local traders
  • £36 x 2 = £72 for national traders

When you apply, you only need to pay the £75 application fee. If we decide to grant you a licence, we will ask you to pay the full balance before we give it to you.

Temporary licences cannot be issued for a duration of more than 6 months.

Once an application has been submitted to Newham Council, no refunds will be available.