Temporary event notice

If you want to hold a one-off event which includes certain types of entertainment or the sale of alcohol, you must have a temporary event notice.

What is a temporary event notice?

A temporary event notice allows you to hold a one-off event which includes certain types of entertainment or the sale of alcohol without a premises licence.

Apply for a temporary event notice

Apply for a notice online on the .Gov website

You will need a debit or credit card to pay the fee for this application. 

You can also apply by downloading the application form. Once you fill in the form, send it to us at the following address.

Licensing Team
East Ham Town Hall
Barking Road
E6 2RP

Important information about applying for a temporary event notice:

  • You must give a copy of the notice to the Police and our Noise Team; you can use the address above.
  • You must be 18 years or older to send a notice.
  • We must receive your notice no later than ten working days before the event starts.
  • If you have a personal licence to sell alcohol you can send a maximum of 50 notices in one calendar year.
  • If you do not have a personal licence, you can send a maximum of five notices in one calendar year.
  • A single premises can have up to 15 TENS applied for in one year, as long as the total length of the events is not more than 21 days.
  • A temporary event notice only allows a maximum of 499 people at an event (including staff) – if you want to hold an event for more than 499 people, you might have to apply for a premises licence with a fixed time period.
  • A notice lasts no more than seven consecutive days (that is 168 hours running together), and there must be a minimum of 24 hours between each event.

What happens next?

When we receive your application we will return to you a signed copy of it. We will do this before the end of the first working day after we receive it.

For an application received on a weekend or holiday, we will send you a receipt no later than the second working day after we receive it.

The Police or our Noise Team may make a representation about (raise a question about) your application. They may do this no later than 48 hours after they receive it. If they do, there will be a hearing. Depending on the result of that hearing, we may send you a counter notice which will prevent the licensable activities at the event.

You can make five late applications for temporary event notices per premises each calendar year. But we must receive the application at least five whole working days before the event.