Building a fairer Newham for our children

Our aim is to make Newham the best place for a child and young person to grow up, be safe and provide the environment and support for them to reach their full potential.

To do this we shape our services informed by our young people’s voice and adopt a proactive approach to youth safety, youth provision and Early Years health, which puts children first and ensures this flows like DNA throughout the council and the borough.

Our success will ensure children and young people are happy, healthy and safe; through strong foundations by building the best start in life, supporting and opening opportunities for them allowing them to thrive and become resilient adults.

The council has made large investments in youth services providing safe spaces, trusted adults and extra support for their health and mental wellbeing, and arranging events and activities to keep our teenagers safe and champion their voice

We have services you need to support the growth and development of your child from conception to up to 25 years.

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