Frequently Asked Questions for the Youth Empowerment Fund

What is the Youth Empowerment Fund?
The Youth Empowerment Fund is a grant provided to Newham Residents aged 9-25 years old

How many times can I apply?
You are only eligible for one award within your age category, although further applications can be applied for as a young person moves into the next age band. These age bands are: 9 – 12 years, 13 – 15 years and 16 – 25 years.

Can I apply again if my application was unsuccessful?
Yes. Unsuccessful applicants may apply as many times as they wish.

If I apply for the fund am I guaranteed funding?
No, as this is a grant, the Youth Empowerment Fund has a duty of care to ensure that all funds are distributed responsibly at the discretion of the deciding Board.

Can I use a payslip or p60 as proof of income?
We do not accept either payslips or a P60 as proof of income. The only accepted forms of household income under £25,000 are universal Credit, households in receipt of the 90% Council Tax Reduction (CTR) and housing benefit

What is an ambition?
This is the young person’s strong desire to do or achieve something. This may include their passion in life or career path. The ambition should be stated clearly on the application form.

Will I need a supporting statement?
Supporting statements are only required for funding requests of £1001-£2500

What is a supporting statement?
A supporting statement is a reference from the relevant professional who has been involved in helping you to reach your ambition. For example, teachers, universities, work placements, youth workers, etc.

Can I apply for the fund if I have no recourse to public funds (NRPF)?
Yes. We will need evidence of this at the time of application.

How long will I have to wait for a response to my application?
Applications to the Youth Empowerment Fund will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Youth Panel and YEF Board. We aim to inform you of an outcome within 4 weeks of submitting the application.

Can more than one young person from a household apply for the fund?

How are the funds paid out to successful applicants?
Awards will be issued on a pre-paid card for successful applicants.

How can I use the pre-paid?
All items must be purchased online only.

Can someone collect the prepaid card on my behalf if I am unable to do so?
Yes. If you are unable to collect your card you may nominate someone to do this on your behalf 24 hours before the collection period. The applicant must provide the details of the nominated person.

Can I apply for the fund if I am a looked after child who does not live in Newham?
Yes. You will be asked to provide the relevant documentation at the time of application.

What can I apply for?
Examples of what you can use the fund for include: computer software, travel assistance, to join a club that increases skills, purchase kit, attend an event that supports learning, musical instruments, attend trips and visits that support learning, development, social connections and positive networks.

What can’t I apply for?
The Youth Empowerment Fund does not provide funding for the following: School Uniforms, food, Wi-Fi, home furniture, driving lessons, petrol, utility bills, etc.

Why might my application be rejected?
The most common reason for rejecting applications is due to applicants not meeting the full eligibility criteria, or a lack of information or detail to support the ambition of the young person and therefore we are unable to assess the benefit that the Fund has upon the young person.

If I am successful, when will I be paid?
Once the grant notification email has been issued all payments will be made by prepaid card which will need to be collected by the applicant.

Do I need to provide a receipt of items that I have purchased?
Yes, receipts for all items should be provided within 14 days of the date that items are purchased.