Newham's Young People's Charter

Children and young people under 25 are 37% of our population and 100% of our future. ​Sign up to the Young People's Charter below to help make Newham the best place for children and young people to grow up in.

What is the Young People’s Charter?

The Young People’s Charter was created by our amazing young people as an agreement and a set of principles that frame the way they want to be supported. The content, form, appearance and all aspects of the Charter have been defined by children and young people across Newham. 

Any organisation that has an influence in the lives of young people aged 0-25 in Newham can sign up to the Charter and commit to embedding its principles.

​Please follow the link below to sign up to the Charter and register your commitment to children and young people in the borough.

Sign up for the Young People's Charter

Role of the Young People’s Charter

The young people’s charter plays a number of roles:

3Role of the young people s charterHow is the Young People’s Charter making a difference?

The Young People’s Charter is already helping to influence some important work within Newham:

Children and Young People’s Plan 2022-2027

The Young People’s Charter is at the heart of our upcoming Children and Young People’s Plan. This document sets the strategic direction for the delivery of services for children, young people and families by the Council and our partners. It takes the Charter principles of community and relationships, quality, safety, health, diversity and environment as its core priorities.

Read the press release: Newham Council launches Young People’s Charter

Children and Young People's Plan 2022-2027 (PDF)