Private fostering

Tell us a child is being privately fostered.

If you:

  • have asked someone else who is not a close relative to look after your child
  • are looking after a child who is not a close relative
  • are worried that a child might be being fostered privately
  • work with children and you know that a child is being privately fostered

Please contact the Newham MASH team

Newham MASH portal

Why you must tell us about private fostering

Even if your child is not living with you, as a parent you are still responsible for your child. By law you must tell us about private fostering arrangements so that we can make sure that the child’s care meets his or her needs, protect the child or young person.

It is a criminal offence not to report a private fostering arrangement if your child is being privately fostered or you are privately fostering a child.

Working with children
If you are a professional or agency working with children you have a duty under Section 10 of the Children Act 2004 to tell us of any child or young person who is being, or is going to be, privately fostered.

Before you make a private fostering arrangement

If you are thinking of arranging for a child to live with someone else or you are considering taking a child into your home, contact the MASH Team on 020 3373 4600 to tell us about the arrangement or call the Newham Council general enquiries number on 020 8430 2000 if you need further advice.