Reviews for looked-after children: a guide for parents

Who will be at the review meeting?

The review will be attended by:

  • Your child, if they are old enough and understand what is going on
  • Yourself and anyone else with parental responsibility (unless there is a specific reason why you can’t attend)
  • Your child’s social worker
  • Your child’s foster carer or residential worker.

Other people who know your child well may also be there, however we try to limit the number of people at the meeting so that everyone, especially your child feels able to listen and contribute.

In exceptional cases, parents and supporters of the child will not be allowed to attend the meeting. The IRO and your child’s social worker will make this decision together and explain the reasons why.

The meeting will be chaired by the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) who is an experienced social worker and independent of Children’s Services.