Public toilets in Newham

Newham has a Community Toilet Scheme, where businesses like cafes, shops and pubs agree to open up their toilets for members of the public to use. 

Changes to public toilet provision

Following a month long public consultation, we have changed the way we provides public toilets. We have launched a Community Toilet Scheme which will improve the quality and availability of toilets across the borough.

Newham Community Toilet Scheme

Through the Community Toilet Scheme, businesses like cafes, shops and pubs will be invited to sign up to the initiative agreeing to open up their toilets for members of the public to use. Council premises including libraries and community centres will also join the scheme.

Businesses signed up will prominently display signs welcoming people to use their toilets. We will pay you from £700 to £1000 a year, depending on your facilities. Your business will be listed on our website, and may be included on promotional materials for the scheme.​ The council will introduce regular inspections, and ensure there are adequate disabled and baby-change facilities in each area.

Once the Community Toilet Scheme is more established in each area where we currently provide a public toilet, those facilities (which are coming to the end of their contract) will be closed. The changes are expected to save the council up to £96,400 per year.

Toilets unaffected by the new scheme

The council has decided to retain the facilities at Hamara Ghar and Green Street which serve Queen’s Market. These will be managed by the Market Service.

The six public toilets provided in Newham’s parks are unaffected by the changes, and will remain in place.