Council tax bands, charges and appeals

Council tax appeals

If you believe your council tax has been mis-calculated, or that your property band is not correct, you can find out how to appeal your council tax bill or challenge your council tax band. Please note that you cannot appeal against court costs for non-payment.

Challenge your council tax band

If you think your property has been allocated the wrong valuation band, you can appeal against the decision by contacting the Valuation Office Agency.

You must continue to pay your council tax while your appeal is being considered. Newham residents should write to:

Valuation Office Agency
Second Floor
1, Ruskin Square
Dingwall Road

You can telephone on 03000 501501 or send an email to:

You can check your council tax band on the Government council tax bands website

Find information about challenging your band on the Governments council tax bands website. 

Appeal a council tax bill 

There are some circumstances under which you can challenge the amount you pay; you can appeal your council tax bill if you believe:

  • Your home should not be charged council tax
  • We are sending council tax bills to the wrong person in your home
  • The amount of the bill is wrong
  • You have not been given a discount that you believe should apply
  • Your bill has not been reduced, even though a disabled person lives in your household.

Please note that you cannot appeal against court costs for non-payment.

You can find more information about appealing your council tax bill here.

If you disagree with our decision, you should write to us to tell us why you disagree.

You can complete our contact form 

You can also find information about appealing your council tax bill here.

London Borough of Newham
PO Box 23504
E15 4UU

We will look into it and let you know the result of our review within two months.

What to do if you're not satisfied with our decision

If you still disagree with the decision after we have told you the result of our review, or if we have not told you the result within two months, you can appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal.

The Valuation Tribunal will tell us that they have received your appeal and ask us for any information they require. They will then contact you to arrange a hearing and will send you a booklet explaining the tribunal's procedures in more detail.

Independent Valuation Tribunal website