Moving in or out of Newham

Council Tax and moving in or out of Newham

If you are moving into, or out of Newham, or to another home in the borough, you need to let us know so that we can make sure you’re paying the right amount of council tax. 

You will now no longer need to request a refund on your Council Tax account when you move home and your Council Tax account has a credit balance.

A refund will automatically be processed if your account has a forwarding address and payments were made by direct debit.

After clicking on the ”Tell us you’re moving” link below please scroll down to the heading "Tell us you have moved in, out or within Newham" and then click the "view change of address" options.

Tell us you’re moving

If you are a landlord and your tenant is moving out of your property, you should tell us.

Fill in our council tax change of tenants form.

Electoral register

You can use the government's register to vote service to tell us that your address has changed or if someone has moved into your home. You’ll need your national insurance number to use this service. We update the electoral register with any changes on the first working day of every month.  

Find out more about the electoral register.

Council tax reduction and Housing Benefit  

Moving home may affect your council tax reduction (CTR) and/or housing benefit. 

To tell us you are moving home, you can fill in our online form.