Current consultations

We want to involve you in the decisions we make about proposed changes to how we do things, the services we provide and how we develop new ways of doing things. 

On this page you will find information about why we do consultations and links to surveys and consultations we are currently doing that you can take part in.​​​ 

Current consultations: 

Find out about recently completed consultations

Why we consult 

We want to: 

  • Understand the needs of local people  
  • Give you a chance to raise issues that are important to you  

The issues we consult on include: 

  • Making major decisions about our policy and services 
  • Developing new policies  
  • Improving and changing existing policies 
  • Prioritising resources 
  • Changing services. 

In some cases, we are legally obliged to consult with residents, businesses and community organisations. 

How we consult 

We aim to consult fairly and we follow the Government’s Consultation Principles.

 Each consultation is different, we use a variety of methods including:  

  • Online questionnaires  
  • Postal questionnaires  
  • Telephone questionnaires  
  • Face-to-face interviews  
  • Focus and discussion groups  
  • Events and workshops.