Election results

May 6 Elections and Referendum results

Governance Referendum results: Thursday 6 May 2021

The Council gave Newham residents the opportunity to vote in a referendum on the question “How would you like the London Borough of Newham to be run?

The number of voters in Newham who answered with "By a mayor who is elected by voters. This is how the council is run now" was:  Mayoral model: 45,960 (56%).

The number of voters who answered with " By one or more committees made up of elected councillors. This would be a change from how the council is run now." was: Committee model 36,424 (44%).

Total number of votes counted: 85,087
Number of ballot papers rejected: 2,703
Turnout: 37.68%

East Ham Central By-Election

The Labour Party candidate Farah Nazeer has been elected into the vacant seat in the East Ham Central ward by-election.

Lois Austin – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition - 91 (2%)
Eduard-Lucian Comaromi –  Liberal Democrats - 239 (6%)
SK Zakir Hossain – Conservative Party - 1288 (30%)
Paul Martin Jobson – Christian Peoples Alliance - 115 (3%)
Daniel Keeling – Green Parry - 283 (7%)
Farah Nazeer – Labour and Co-operative Party - 2,297 (53%)

Mayor of London and London Assembly Election

For results for The Mayor of London, London Assembly Member and Constituency London Assembly Member please visit the London Elects website for the latest news.