Our Just Transition Plan

What is our Just Transition Plan?

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On 5 December 2023, Newham Council’s Cabinet approved the first Just Transition Plan in the UK.

After declaring a climate emergency in 2019, Newham Council has been at the forefront of climate action. Our previous Climate Emergency Action Plan put in place a wide range of environmental measures focused on reducing the council’s greenhouse gas emissions and tackling issues across housing, energy, waste and transport.

Whilst there was considerable action taken in line with our ambition to become a net zero council by 2030, we now recognise the need for a more holistic and collaborative approach to climate action. Focusing beyond solely decarbonisation, we are looking to build on the just transition principles, outlined by the Mayor of London, to enhance equity and increase the climate resilience of our city.

Newham’s Just Transition Plan comes as a result of an innovative partnership with world-leading sustainability consultants, Dark Matter Labs and Arup. It addresses our current targets and applies a strategic framework for climate action in our borough. It is a blueprint to address the unequal impacts of climate change on society and build a fairer borough that has lower emissions, is more equitable and future-ready.

The plan creates a new 3-6-5 framework, featuring:

  • Three principles – our guiding beliefs to inform actions for a fairer, greener, healthier Newham
  • Six futures – our vision and focus areas to deliver ambitious and equitable benefits for our borough
  • Five enablers – our methods to ensure transparency and efficient delivery on our principles

Three principles are to be used to ensure that whatever actions we are taking are viewed on their ability to (1) Increase equity (2) Reduce emissions and (3) Build long-term resilience.

Six Futures articulate both the type of borough we want to create and the focus areas of our work. They are:

  1. Our homes, workplaces and schools are comfortable, healthy, and efficient.
  2. Our energy system is resilient, equitable and not dependent on fossil fuels.
  3. We prefer to walk, cycle, or use public transport and goods are safely moved without polluting our streets.
  4. We increase sharing and reduce waste, building a sharing and circular economy.
  5. We eat well and sustainably.
  6. Our neighbourhoods are resilient, connected, and green.

Five Enablers then articulate how we must work if we are to deliver on those futures. They are:

  1. Growing the Council’s Climate Action capacity and effectiveness.
  2. Targeting and increasing investment.
  3. Partnering with Newham’s Anchor Institutions
  4. Enabling civic and place-based action.
  5. Working beyond Newham’s borders.

Alongside the launch of the Just Transition Plan, Mayor Fiaz has written to the Government’s Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, Claire Coutinho, asking the Government to provide much needed funding for Newham and London to deliver social housing retrofits for electrification, improved energy efficiency and overall healthier homes.

Find out more about our Just Transition Plan: Executive Summary (PDF)

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