Schemes of delegation

The Council’s legal powers are granted by law either to the Mayor or full Council to allow the authority to carry out its functions for the benefit of the residents, workers and businesses of Newham.

The Mayor and full Council both have power to delegate the exercise of these duties to members and officers, as set out in the appendices below.

Under the Local Government Act 2000, all of the Council’s functions, its legal powers and duties, are the responsibility of the Mayor and known as “executive functions”, except where they are expressly reserved by legislation to be the responsibility of the Council and are known as “non-executive functions”.

Schemes of delegation

The Schemes of delegation document sets out how the Mayor and full Council have delegated their executive and non-executive powers.

Scheme of delegation (PDF)​

  • Part 1 Gives the overall introduction to the Newham Scheme of Delegation
  • Part 2 details the Delegations to Cabinet & Cabinet Members
  • Part 3 details the Scheme of Delegation to Officers

 Section A: General Principles
 Section B: General Management Powers

The Newham Scheme of Delegation was approved at Mayoral Proceedings on 15 October 2018 and Council on the 29 October 2018.

The Proper Officer Scheme of Delegation, Schemes of Delegations to Directorates / Services and Delegations to the oneSource Joint Committees are being reviewed and will be published in due course.

Find details of our schemes, which are live but subject to review

NOTE: These will all be contained in a document download area, clicking the link will take them to a page with all these listed.