Transparency on our spending

We are committed to being open and transparent in the way we spend your money. On this page you will find links to data that shows how much we spend on suppliers, senior staff and councillors.

Council constitution

Our constitution sets out how we work, how decisions are made and the procedures we follow to make sure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Read our constitution

Council housing

Our social housing asset value document groups our properties by post code and valuation band, with values and occupancy rates for each.


  • Seven individuals (6.56 full time equivalent) undertake investigations and prosecutions of fraud
  • Eight individuals (7.56 full time equivalent) professionally accredited counter fraud specialists
  • Spend for 2014/15 is currently £679,000 which includes overheads.

Download our social housing asset value document (Excel)


You can find details of the grants we have awarded to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations on our Go for it Grants page

Land and buildings

See details of all our land and building assets (Excel)

Parking account and parking spaces

Our parking and traffic enforcement annual reports include details of:

  • The revenue we make from on-street and off-street parking and penalty charge notices
  • How we spend the revenue
  • The number of controlled parking bays in the borrough

Payments to suppliers

Salaries, expenses and allowances

Trade Unions

Waste contracts

  • We do not have any external waste contracts. We manage our waste collection service in-house.