How to vote in person

Vote at the polling station

If you are registered to vote, you will vote in your local polling station unless you have successfully applied for a postal vote. 

Where do I vote?

You will receive a polling card about 2/3 weeks before the election. The card will tell you the name and address of your polling station and include a map.

How do I vote in person?

Use your polling card to find your polling station or use the link above. The station will be clearly marked with signs.

If you have your polling card, take it with you It is not essential and you can vote without it but it will help staff to find your name.

You will need to bring photographic ID with you – see more Voter ID | Electoral Commission

Polling stations open at 7am and close at 10pm.

When you arrive at the polling station:

  1. Go to the desk, confirm your name and address and present your voter identification document/certificate to a member of staff.
  2. They will check your details and give you a ballot paper. (When more than one election is held, you will be given more than one ballot paper).
  3. Take your ballot paper to a voting booth.
  4. Read the instructions in the booth and mark your ballot paper with your vote.
  5. When you have marked your ballot paper, place it in the ballot box and leave the station promptly.

At larger stations, there will be more than one desk.  Look for your street name on the posters at the entrance to the station to find the right desk.

Do not:

  • Take anyone else with you to the booth – you will be stopped if you do.  If someone needs help, the polling station team will provide assistance.
  • Show anybody how you voted.
  • Tell anyone how to vote.
  • Talk to anyone when you are at the polling booth.

REMEMBER; It’s your vote and only your vote.

Be prepared to queue at busy times (morning and evening and before 10pm) so make sure make sure you leave plenty of time. If you are in a queue at 10pm you will still be able to vote.