Working with the third sector

On this page you can find out about how we work in partnership with community, voluntary and faith-based groups and organisations.

What is the third sector?

The third sector in Newham includes all the voluntary, community and faith-based organisations in the borough. They are seen as a force for good and offer many essential community services to local residents, often through volunteers.

Working with the third sector

We will encourage community groups, social enterprises and third sector activities in the local community, using resources we already have, by supporting organisations to:

  • Understand our approach to running services for residents
  • Compete for contracts to run services to better meet residents’ needs
  • Make a positive difference to residents’ lives.

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Newham Compact – our Local Compact

What is the Newham Compact?

The Newham Compact is our Local Compact. It is an agreement between us, other public sector organisations and the borough’s voluntary, community and faith-based groups and organisations.

The compact is based on best practice from across the country and consultation with local organisations. It sets out an agreed way of working between all the organisations involved.

Renewed Compact

We renewed the Newham Compact during 2012 to draw on elements of the Coalition Government’s National Compact.

The renewed compact sets out in more detail what we will work on as a partnership, including the basic principles of partnership working.

The Newham Compact shows our commitment to building effective partnerships in Newham and making sure residents get the best services.

Read the Newham Compact (PDF)