Srebrenica Memorial Day: Halima's Path + Q&A

Srebrenica memorial day

This screening is in commemoration of Srebrenica Memorial Day, in partnership with Remembering Srebrenica and supported by Newham Council.


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Arsen Anton Ostojić | Bosnia and Herzegovina| TBC | 2012 | Drama | 93mins

In 1977, fifteen years before the Bosnian War ravaged their lives, Halima's niece Safija became pregnant by Slavomir, a Serb man. Beaten and ostracised by her Bosniak family, Safija gave the infant boy to the childless Halima to raise, telling Slavomir it was stillborn. Twenty-three years later, the devastating war has ended. Bodies are being identified through DNA samples and returned to families for burial. Halima's husband is found, but Mirza's bones cannot be returned to her without a blood sample. And that would have to come from Safija, who ran away years ago and married Slavomir.

6:30pm: Doors open

7:00pm: Introduction and performance (tbc)

7.10pm: Film starts

8:40pm: Q&A with Dr Sheila Ozmanovic (Remembering Srebrenica), Dr Anna Katila (Holocaust Memorial Day Trust with a PhD in Comparative Literature and War Studies) and Zijad.

9: 25pm: Finish and exit venue

Admission is on a first come, first served basis.

No children under 15 years old allowed.

Date: 11 Jul 2023.

Location: Stratford East Picturehouse Salway Road Stratford London E15 1BX

Cost: FREE

Time: 19:00 - 22:00