School travel plans

School travel plans outline practical measures that can make the school journey safer, children healthier and improve the school environment.

School travel plans aim to:

  • Make the school journey safer
  • Reduce car journeys
  • Offer sustainable transport choices
  • Reduce school gate congestion
  • Improve health and fitness among children
  • Increase road awareness
  • Build/strengthen links with the community
  • Encourage environmental stewardships
  • Provide a local context for classroom work
  • Tackle lateness and pupil alertness.

Walking to local services, using public transport for school trips, cycle training, the Junior Travel Ambassador Scheme and school crossing patrols are examples of these practical measures. Schools with a travel plan can achieve Transport for London STARS Accreditation.

Schools produce their own travel plan. It is written by a teacher, parent, governor or members of a specially appointed working group.

Every travel plan is different because it addresses the unique set of travel issues facing an individual school.

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