Street naming and numbering

New streets and buildings need to be registered in order to have an address. You can apply to us for naming and numbering of streets and properties in Newham. 

You must make an application if you need: 

  • A building to be named and/or numbered, including splitting existing buildings into flats 
  • A building to be renamed and or renumbered 
  • A new street to be named. 

How to apply 

What happens next? 

We will check your application and ask you to pay the fee (details appear in the table below). Once we have agreed the street or property name and numbering, we will ask Royal Mail for a postcode. We will then send you a letter to you to confirm the new postal address. 
We aim to finish the process within four weeks. 

If you wish to apply for a new street or property name 

You can’t choose a name already in use in the borough or neighbouring boroughs, so make sure you suggest at least two property or street names in your application. We will discuss these options with the fire brigade. 

Alternatively, you can choose from the Council’s Suggested list of Street and Building Names. However we will still need to consult with the Fire Brigade regarding any names that have been selected.
Email for a copy of our approved list of street and building names. 

Street Naming Campaign

If you are not here to submit your own Street Naming and Numbering application, but would like to suggest some names related to the rich history and diversity of Newham that we could use in future schemes, please let us know. Please see our ongoing TRID Street Naming Campaign for more details.

Naming and numbering fees 

Please note new Street Naming and Numbering fees were introduced on 1 April 2024.

​Naming or numbering request 


​Naming a road or building 


​Numbering or re-numbering of the 1st unit 


​Numbering or re-numbering of the 2nd – 10th units 


​Numbering or re-numbering of the 11th – 50th units 


​Numbering or re-numbering of the 51st and any additional units 


​Numbering of a large block or hotel, with no internal addresses