Hazardous waste collection

Some kinds of material are harmful to health or the environment and need to be collected separately from your other rubbish so that they can be processed safely. These include things like some paints, chemicals, pesticides and poisons.

Hazardous waste collection and disposal service

The City of London runs a hazardous waste collection and disposal service for most of the London boroughs, including Newham. This is free for residents to use.

The service collects many types of chemical, including some paints, bleach, white spirit, poisons, weed killers and pesticides. You will need to make sure you package these items correctly before the service collects them, so there are no spills which could cause harm.

The service also collects asbestos, but this must be taken apart and wrapped first.

How to book a collection

For more information on what the service collects or to arrange for a collection, please go to the City of London website. 

Note that this service does not accept clinical (medical) waste. If you live in Newham we can arrange to collect this waste from your home. Go to our clinical household waste page for more information