Recycling banks

Find out where you can recycle items that we don’t collect from your home, and how to report an overflowing recycling bank.

Find a recycling bank

We collect paper, cardboard, tins, cans and plastic bottles from your home. But you can also recycle a range of other items in Newham at street recycling bins and at Jenkins Lane Re-use and Recycling Centre,  such as glass, batteries, clothes, drinks cartons, light bulbs and cooking oil.

If you are unsure where to take an item or whether it can be recycled, visit the Recycle for London website. Here you can find local recycling banks in your area, and search for a recycling bank for a specific item.

Report an overflowing recycling bank

We regularly empty our recycling banks, but if you notice that a bank is full or overflowing please report it online.

Report an overflowing recycling bank

Tell us precisely where the problem is, and we will clear it within 48 hours.